Tow trucks are one of the most important vehicles on the road today. The main reason for this is due to their ability to rescue drivers, passengers and vehicles from a car involved in an accident or malfunction. Tow trucks are also used to remove illegal parked vehicles as well as repossessed vehicles. Tow trucks are crucial for keeping roads safe. Tow trucks have many different features that make them a safe and reliable choice for an accident or breakdown.

First and foremost, tow trucks are typically operated by private businesses, however it is important to note that police departments and road authorities also have tow trucks. Businesses that operate a large number of vehicles typically have their own tow truck to use in the event one of their vehicles breaks down or malfunctions. There are multiple types of tow trucks available on the market today. Each one has its own list of benefits.

The first type of tow truck is known as a boom. These are trucks with an adjustable boom that are used to recover a vehicle that fell into a ditch or in any other type of location difficult to secure. Heavy duty booms are able to lift the car similar to how a crane would lift an object. Boom tow trucks are typically used for serious motor accidents. It is also important to note that vehicles with all wheel drive cannot be successfully towed with a sling. The main reason for this is due to the vehicle’s drivetrain.

The second type of tow truck is known as a wheel-lift. A wheel-lift is a modification of the traditional hook and chain set up. The wheel lift is able to lift up the driver wheels of the car which are also known as the front wheels. This type of towing system is also utilized in Europe. Wheel-lift tow trucks typically come standard with adaptors that can be used to lift.

The third type of tow truck is known as an integrated boom and wheel lift. This type of integrated truck is for less severe vehicle tows. Some of the main examples of this would be towing for repossessed vehicles as well as illegal parking. The pick up time for this type of tow truck is quick compared to the other types of trucks. This is a great method for easily and quickly towing away a car. The controls inside of an integrated tow truck allow the conductor to hook up the vehicle without leaving the truck. With other types of tow trucks the conductor must leave the truck to hook up the vehicle.


The fourth type of tow truck is known as a flatbed. Flatbed tow trucks are used for a variety of purposes. Some of the most common purposes for a flatbed tow truck include removal of severely damaged vehicles. In addition to a flatbed tow truck, a moderation of this is known as a lift flatbed. A lift flatbed utilizes a wheel-lift framing in order to lift vertically and place vehicles on the bed of the truck. Parallel parked vehicles are often removed using this method.

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