At Street Wheels and Tyres, custom wheel fitment is a top priority. With an experienced staff, we will guarantee that you get only the best service and that all of your needs are met. Every precaution and measure will be taken when choosing and implementing custom wheel fitment on your vehicle.

You can rest assured that you will enjoy better driving with your car by plus sizing your wheels and tyres. This is done for tyres that have a shorter sidewall and are wider compared to non-custom tyres. As a result, you get an instantly sportier aesthetic and a bigger contact patch.

By mounting a wheel with a bigger diameter and a tyre with a lower aspect ratio, you can achieve a shorter sidewall and a bigger contact patch, too. This process can significantly improve handling, steering response, cornering aptitude, and your vehicles aesthetics.

Here at SWT, you are guaranteed of the most innovative technologies, precise custom wheel fitment, a wide selection of sizes available, and most importantly improved performance when you choose to inch up your vehicles wheels and tyres.

Wheel Offset

The wheels offset refers to the wheels center lines distance from the surface of the hub mounting. Offset options for custom wheel fitments include:

1. Zero here, the center line is even with the wheels hub mounting surface.

2. Positive here, the hub mounting surface is directed to the wheels front (also known as the wheel side). This type of offset is commonly used in recent rear drive car models and front wheel drive (FWD) cars.

3. Negative here, the hub mounting surface is directed to the wheel center lines back (also known as the brake side). Common applications of negative offset include deep dish wheels.

Important reminder: If the car is not equipped with the correct wheel offset, you will experience adverse problems with handling. For instance, once the wheels width is changed, the offset will also change significantly. If the offset is not corrected simultaneously, the added width will be divided between the outside and inside. Many cars would not operate properly under these circumstances.

Luckily, here at SWT, we have tested custom wheel fitments thousands of times for various vehicle types. You can browse our comprehensive offers or talk to our customer service staff to find the right fitment for your vehicle. Visit us at 15 Moss Street, Slacks Creek, check out our website at, or call us at 3208-5208 for any queries.

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